12 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Summer Holiday in Mussoorie

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Summers are here!
Good times ring in.
Plans, party, pleasure;
In the days, sing in.

The sun is smiling bright, free from the winter quilt, sending joy to all of us this summer again. Let’s welcome the season with a trip to the hills. And what’s better to start with our very own Queen of Hills – Mussoorie? Sounds like a great idea, right? So, before you pack your bags and excitedly hit this Himalayan charm, let’s give you more reasons why you must plan your summer holidays in Mussoorie.

Why Visit Mussoorie in Summers?

Mussoorie is known for its sunny summer weather and abundance of outdoor activities like trekking, paragliding, etc. This hill station in Uttarakhand is at its best in summers – pleasant weather and greenery. So if you are wondering if Mussoorie is worth visiting in the summers, go on!

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit Mussoorie because the temperature remains pleasant. The maximum temperature touches 25°C. It is the time when the winter snow melts resulting in full-flowing waterfalls. This is the reason why Mussoorie is considered the famous weekend getaway for city tourists.

If visiting Mussoorie is your idea, flick through these 12 reasons why you must plan your summer holidays in Mussoorie. You can thank us later!

1. A Quick Weekend Getaway
2. Jaw-Dropping Beauty
3. Shop Til You Drop at Mall Road
4. Delightful Retreat for Photographers
5. Fuel Your Adrenaline with Adventure Sports
6. Go Splashing and Swimming at Kempty Falls
7. Boating In Mussoorie Lake
8. Fly Without Wings
9. Enjoy Doon Valley Views at Camel’s Back Road
10. Hike to the Cloud End View Point
11. Feel the Wind in Your Hair With a Cable Car Ride
12. Sleep Under the Stars while Camping

1. A Quick Weekend Getaway

What do we all want when we are stuck in unending traffic jams and stressful presentations? A much needed weekend trip to break the daily monotony. Mussoorie is the place to spend some time with your loved ones close to Mother Nature. Glorious Himalayan views, verdant landscapes, and rolling valleys make it a complete package of surreal beauty and outdoor activities.

Distance from Mussoorie to Delhi: 290 km (approx.)
Mussoorie to Delhi travel time: 6-7 hours
Distance from Mussoorie to Dehradun: 35 km (approx.)
Mussoorie to Dehradun travel time: 1-2 hours
Nearest airport from Mussoorie: Jolly Grant Airport, 60 km (approx.) from Mussoorie
Nearest railway station from Mussoorie: Dehradun railway station 36 km approx.  from Mussoorie

2. Jaw-Dropping Beauty

lal tibbat mussoorie

The unparalleled beauty of Mussoorie will make your heart skip a beat. Guarded with the Himalayas, the Mussoorie region is a highland with cobalt blue skies, warm hospitality, and enchanting roads. Plan a visit to the Lal Tibba to marvel at the jaw-dropping snow-covered mountains with a clear view. It will be a bonus for you if you take your binoculars with you because summer is the time when the snow-capped peaks are visible.

Places to visit in Mussoorie: Nag Tibba Trek, Clouds End, Gun Hill Points, etc.

3. Shop Til You Drop at Mall Road

Mall Road

The best way to enter into the heart of your beloved is to go on a shopping hopping venture together. It is one of the best things to do in the summers in Mussoorie because during this time a carnival-type atmosphere is created. With a cluster of clothing shops, remarkable restaurants, and opulent hotels, celebrate your togetherness and spend a relaxing evening time after shopping in Mall Road Mussoorie.

What to buy in Mussoorie: Handicrafts, woolen clothes, and Tibetan sculptures

4. Delightful Retreat for Photographers

mussoorie hills

Mussoorie is a paradise for shutterbugs. If you fancy yourself an enthusiastic photographer, summer months in Mussoorie are great for the best insta-gram worthy clicks. Switch on your photographer mode and capture the beauty on your camera lens at Happy Valley, Camel’s Back Road, and Kempty Falls.

Most beautiful places in Mussoorie for photography: Mossy falls, Lake Mist, Happy Valley, and Kasmanda Palace

5. Fuel Your Adrenaline with Adventure Sports

adventure sports mussoorie

How about testing your adrenaline with various adventure sports in one place? You could live this dream on your Mussoorie tour package since this scenic hill station caters to the needs of all types of adventure freaks. Whether you love paragliding, rafting, or trekking; Mussoorie has got you covered with everything. And you will never fall short of things to do in Mussoorie in summers.

Why pick outdoor activities in Mussoorie?

Summer is the time when there is no fog in the sky and you can indulge in all the major hair raising adventure sports like paragliding, rafting, and mountain biking. Did we mention trekking is considered the best adventure sports in summer for those who seek easy treks?

Cost of adventure sports:

Paragliding – Approx. INR 3500 per person
Rafting – Approx. INR 1500 per person

6. Go Splashing and Swimming at Kempty Falls


The sheer name of Mussoorie conjures up the images of breathtaking Kempty Falls. If you plan your summer vacay in Mussoorie hills, bookmark Kempty Falls in your itinerary – especially if you are traveling with kids since. It is a combination of a waterfall and an amusement park. Let your children swim out in the Himalayan stream waterfall. There is a man-made swimming pool at the bottom of the fall where hundreds of tourists revitalize themselves with cold water. Kempty Falls is not a single cascade. The waters split into five cascades before hitting the pool below.

A few other waterfalls in Mussoorie: Jharia Pani Waterfall, Bhatta Falls, and Shikhar Falls

Why is Kempty Falls worth visiting in the summers?

The Falls cascade with full vigor in summers that enhance its beauty. This is a great picnic spot and offers you scenic views to be added to your photo gallery. You can also enjoy the water park here. Tea lovers can raise a toast to the season but with a cutting chai while soaking in scenic beauty around.

Opening time: From sunrise to sunset
Tickets: Free of cost but one needs to pay additional charges for water activities

7. Boating In Mussoorie Lake

12 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Summer Holiday in Mussoorie

To enjoy your summer vacations in Mussoorie to the fullest, indulge in boating. It is a wonderful activity to enjoy with your loved ones. Boating in Mussoorie Lake is best enjoyed in summers. Imagine the view around as you are on a boat amidst the hills! Create beautiful memories while you are there. The lake is surrounded by food stalls, so don’t miss to taste the local food and snacks. You will get to unlock enchanting views of Doon Valley from Mussoorie Lake.

Timings – 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tickets – Approx. INR 15 per person
Ideal duration – 1 hour

What makes boating special in summers in Mussoorie Lake?

Summers spent by the lakeside are a quintessentially Indian pastime. Mussoorie Lake remains at the top on the tourist radar for its serenity, especially in summers. This is when tourists want to get respite from the scorching heat and indulge in some relaxing experience.

8. Fly Without Wings!

paragliding in mussoorie

Touch the skies without wings. How? Go paragliding in Mussoorie and you will know. This activity allows you to enjoy the scenic vistas from a higher altitude.

Ticket:  INR 1500 (approx.) for a 5-minute ride
Paragliding spots in Mussoorie: Adventure Park, Snow Adventure Park, and Mussoorie Lake

Why Go Paragliding in Mussoorie?

Gliding over the glittering Mussoorie Lake is best done in the summer months because of the clear views. Also, the availability of slots in summers is more for paragliding. You can enjoy the unobstructed Himalayan views while savoring a slice of sky.

9. Enjoy Great Views of Doon Valley at Camel’s Back Road

camel back road

Marvel down the glorious Himalayan views and start your day with the remarkable sunrise from Camel’s Back Road. It is a 3-4 km long stretch, which translates to a natural cluster of rocks that appears like a camel hump. It connects two locations – Library Point and Kulri Bazar. It is one of the scenic routes to take in Mussoorie in summers since it boasts Doon Valley’s great views.

Why visit camels Back Road in the summers?

Camel’s Back Road has rustic charm with the beautiful backdrop of the Doon Valley. A sunrise view here is ethereal. You can stroll through the area and watch the sun’s reflection come alive. Indeed and the perfect place to skip the maddening crowd of Mussoorie.

10. Hike to the Cloud End View Point

Offering tranquillity, Cloud End View Point is enveloped with oak and deodar forests. This viewpoint is a breathtaking hike and you must spend a few hours here if you are a nature lover. Hill climbing at this viewpoint is the best thing to do in Mussoorie. Summer is considered the best time to hike the Cloud End ViewPoint since taking a walk amidst nature’s lap is soothing.

Why visit Cloud End View Point in summer?

Firstly, tourists can gaze at the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas minus the fog. The viewpoints are highlighted by lush greenery. One can spot unique flora and fauna here. For finding soothing solitude in the sultry season, this place deserves to be in your Mussoorie itinerary.

Tariff – Approx. INR 50
Duration – 1-2 hours
Distance – Approx. 7.5 km from Mussoorie Library Road

11. Feel the Wind in Your Hair With a Cable Car Ride

cable car ride mussoorie

Satiate your adventure cravings with a Cable car ride at Gun Hill– the second highest peak in Mussoorie. You will love the bird’s eye view around. On your Mussoorie trip, watch the sunset on a cable car ride. The ride starts from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill providing breathtaking Himalayan views. Sunsets in summer are best enjoyed for 10 minutes if you take a ropeway ride.

Summer hours 8 AM to 10 PM (May to June)
Winter hours 10 AM to 6 PM (January to December)
Tickets Approx. INR 75 for a roundup
Distance 1.7 km (approx.) from the Library bus stand

Why ride Mussoorie cable car in summers?

Firstly, cable car rides run for a longer duration in summer compared to winters. You can go as early as at 8:00 AM to catch the first cable car running. Also, summer is the time when stunning Himalayan views and lush greenery will be in full bloom. Watch sun rays painting the Himalayas golden.

Are you excited to the core to set on a summer vacation in Mussoorie? This one-of-a-kind hill station is a location to really sink your travel teeth into. Mussoorie is a travel anomaly that’s unspoiled by tourists – where you can plunge in unique experiences right from adventure to romantic. And, we have also given you several reasons to visit Mussoorie in summers.

12. Sleep Under The Stars on Camping

camping in mussoorie

Why sleep in a five-star hotel when you can sleep under the cluster of thousand stars? Camping in Mussoorie is itself a reason to visit Mussoorie. There are many camping sites in Mussoorie where you can enjoy birds chirping amidst peaceful surroundings. If you are planning your Mussoorie trip with your friends, camping is the best thing to do. The Queen of Hills serves tourists with a tropical climate throughout the year for camping. We are sure you would not miss this adventure activity in Mussoorie.

Best campsites in Mussoorie: Camp Carnival Kanatal, Mussoorie Camp Resort

Camping price in Mussoorie: INR 1000 onwards per person (approx.)

Things to do while camping in Mussoorie: Trekking, Rafting, Valley crossing

Why is camping in Mussoorie amazing in summers?

During summers, the snow starts melting, which in turn makes camping surrounding the lush green. If you love the greenery around you, camping in summers is considered the best adventure sport.

How to reach Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is well connected with air, rail, and road network. So, reaching there is very easy. Check-out how to reach Mussoorie with these three ways:

By air:

The nearest airport to reach Mussoorie is 60 km (approx.). Its name is Jolly Grant Airport, in Dehradun. The airport is connected with major Indian towns like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. Once you reach the airport, take a cab to reach Mussoorie. It hardly takes 2 hours (approx.) from Dehradun airport to reach Mussoorie.

By road:

You can visit Mussoorie by road journey either via state bus or private vehicle. The distance from Delhi to Mussoorie is 290 km (approx.). One can pick deluxe state buses from nearby cities like Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Chandigarh. The road journey to Mussoorie is considered one of the best road trips. It gives tourists the chance to pass by lush green valleys and towering mountains. Expected road journey to reach Delhi from Mussoorie takes 7-8 hours (approx.).

By train:

Mussoorie can be reached via train journey from Delhi and its nearby towns. The nearby railway station to reach Mussoorie is in Dehradun, 32 km (approx). Upon reaching the Dehradun railway station, the cab is the best option to arrive in Mussoorie.

Note: Below mentioned are the few important Mussoorie travel questions and answers we thought you would want to know. Hope you get your answers about Mussoorie travel.

Mussoorie Travel Questions and Answers :

Ques: How many days are enough to explore Mussoorie?

Ans: 5-7 days are enough to explore the popular tourist destinations in Mussoorie. You can add days to your existing Mussoorie itinerary if you want to spend the nearby places like Dehradun.

Ques: What are the options to get around Mussoorie?

Ans: Getting around Mussoorie is best done on a taxi – either shared or private. But foot exploration is also a popular way to explore Mussoorie.

Ques: Are there luxury accommodation options available in Mussoorie?

Ans: Yes! Accommodation in Mussoorie ranges from budget to luxury. You just need to specify your spending budget on your Mussoorie vacay.

Ques: Where can I shop in Mussoorie?

Ans:You can go shopping in Mussoorie at Mall Road, Kulri Bazar, Library Bazar.

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