7 Things to do in Mumbai With Kids for Fun Filled Vacation

Planning a trip to Mumbai with kids? Traveling with kids will inject a little magic into your holidays. It is because kids get caught up in the daily grind. They also want to spend their leisure time with their parents. So if you are looking for things to do in Mumbai with kids for a fun filled vacation you need not look any further.

Give your child that much-needed break because you know that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”Browse through our list of 7 best things to do in Mumbai with kids for a fun filled vacation. If you want to take your kids for a well-deserved fun time, we have got you covered.


  • Hanging Gardens: Appreciate mother nature
  • Essel World: Foster bonding with your kids
  • Gateway of India: For a stress-free picnic
  • Marine Drive: Beautiful coast wrapping around the Arabian Sea
  • Mumbai Zoo: Get a photo album with zoo selfies
  • Juhu Beach: The quick getaway for celebrities
  • Mumbai Local Train: Become a local Mumbaikar

1. Visit Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Instill in your kids an appreciation of nature by taking them to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. This place is a stunning example of man-made marvels in Mumbai. There are unique flowers, lush trees, and your kids will love the hedges carved into different shapes of animals. If you want to take your kids to a peaceful place, it’s a must-visit place with kids in Mumbai. 

Why should kids visit the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai?
  • Bring your kids to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai for spending a relaxing evening.
  • Here kids will love the beautiful sunsets as this place boasts a clear view of South Mumbai beaches.
  • If your kids love jogging, walking, and exercising in the lush greenery, the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is the place to be.
  • Also, there are not plenty of green places in Mumbai. This place is perfect for teaching your kids the importance of plush greenery around them.

Timings: 5 AM-9 PM

Opening time: It remains open throughout the day on all seven days of the week.

Entry fees: Entry is free for adults as well as kids.

How to reach: The Hanging Garden of Mumbai is located 22 km (approx.) from Mumbai airport. You can take a flight to reach Mumbai from the major towns in India. Afterward, take a cab to reach this place.

2. Have Fun at Essel World


Looking for a day off from the mundane schedule? If yes, then take your child to Essel World. This famous amusement park Gorai was set up in 1989. Since its inception, Essel World has been a magnet for the little tourists. It is stretched in 65 acres (approx.) and provides ample opportunities for enjoyable rides. There are rides for both children and adults plus, you will find many food outlets inside the park. You can celebrate your child’s birthday inside the premises of Essel World. It is amongst one of the best amusement parks in India for kids.

Why is Essel World so popular among kids?
  • There are 50+ avenues for kids’ entertainment. From adventure rides to enjoyable activities, your child will be spoiled for choices.
  • Let your child indulge in bowling and ice-skating fun.
  • Watch your kids testing their driving skills at the Junior Go-Kart arena.

Opening days: Monday-Sunday

Timings: 10 AM-6 PM

Entry fees: The theme park has a separate fee structure for different age groups.

  • Basic category for adults and children INR 390 (approx.)
  • Silver category for adults INR 1270 (approx.)
  • Silver category for children INR 900 (approx.)

How to reach: The distance between Mumbai international airport from Essel World is 41 km (approx.). You can take a cab ride or a city bus to reach.

Tip: Adjacent to the amusement park, there’s the Water Kingdom where gigantic pools are present to soak the sun. Make sure you visit both of them in one visit.

Water Kingdom entry fee:

For adults INR 1310 (approx.)

For kids and seniorsINR 865 (approx.)

Note: The Water Kingdom and Essel World opening and closing timings are the same.

3. Picnic at Gateway of India


It goes without saying that a visit to the Gateway of India cannot be missed if you are visiting Mumbai with kids. It is amongst the iconic structures not only in Mumbai but also in India. This amazing structure was constructed in 1924 and represents a commemorative memorial. There are various food hawkers to fix your hunger. Also, the Gateway of India is one of the impressive photography spots in Mumbai.

Why should kids visit Gateway of India?
  • Your kids will love the sweeping breeze of the Arabian Sea here.
  • Kids will love spending their evening with their parents.
  • This is a place where kids indulge in playful activities.
  • Gateway of India is the same place that locals of Mumbai call the Taj Mahal of Mumbai.

Timings: It remains open throughout the day on all seven days of the week.

Entry fees: Entry is free for adults as well as kids.

How to reach: Land at Mumbai international airport which is 26 km (approx.) away from Gateway of India. Afterwards, take a cab or local bus to reach.

Note: On special occasions like Independence Day, the monument is lit up with tri-colors. It is a sight to behold with your kids.

4. Hangout at Marine DriveHangout at Marine Drive

Often called the heart and soul of Mumbai, Marine Drive is a perfect hangout spot for kids in Mumbai. It is a fun-filled zone, where gazing at the sparkling Arabian Sea waters is the best thing to do. This famous scenic attraction in Mumbai has been featured in many Bollywood movies too! This place is a 3.6 km long stretch comprising six lanes. This C-shaped road is laden with palm trees on both sides, which makes it alluring.

Why should kids visit Marine Drive?
  • The beauty of marine drive is enough to hypnotize your child with its beauty.
  • Take your child to Marine Drive for evening and night strolls.
  • Watching sunset and rain showers at Marine Drive is a legit experience your child will love.
  • Even a few Bollywood movies like Wake Up Sid and Munna bhai MBBS were filmed at Marine Drive.
  • Your kids will love the soothing sea breeze.
  • Watch marathons and local events held there.
  • Indulge with your kids in the amazing nightlife on the northern end of Marine Drive at Chowpatty Beach.

Timings: It remains open throughout the day in all seven days

Entry fees: Entry is free for adults as well as kids.

How to reach: The Mumbai international airport is well connected with domestic and international flights. The distance from Marine Drive to the airport is 24 km (approx.). Once you reach the airport, take a cab or city bus.

Note: On special occasions like Independence Day, the monument is lit up with Tri-colors. It is a sight to behold with your kids.

Tip: Night is the time when the whole coastline lights up. Hear the sound of waves and create memorable moments.

5. See Wildlife at Mumbai Zoo

7 Things to do in Mumbai With Kids for Fun Filled Vacation

Children love seeing wild animals. And what’s a better place to see the wild creatures in their natural habitat? If you want to build your photo album with zoo selfies, take your kids to Mumbai Zoo. It is amongst the oldest zoos in India, incepted in 1861. One could find hordes of animals, reptiles and birds there You along with kids can spot a whole new animal from Indian striped hyenas, slot bears, etc.

Why should kids visit the Mumbai Zoo?

To see the aquatic birds in the aviary. Plus, your toddler will love interacting with unique birds like albino crows, and flamingos. Take a camera with you to click selfies with cranes and birds. Plus, Mumbai Zoo is the place to go if you and your kids love seeing fauna too! There’s a botanical garden inside the zoo that features 3000 trees (approx.) and flowering plants.

  • A visit to Mumbai Zoo will enable your child to learn about the behavior of wild animals.
  • Let your kids watch how zoo authorities provide these wild creatures with their natural habitats like forests.
  • A trip to Mumbai Zoo will allow your child to realize that animals too have emotions and feelings.
  • Also, there is a museum inside the zoo where kids can enjoy 4D theatre and fun rides.

Timings: 9 AM-6 PM

Entry fees: INR 100 for adults (approx.)

INR 25 for kids (approx.) (between 3 to 12 years)

Required time: 3-4 hours

How to reach: The Mumbai international airport is 17 km (approx.) away from Mumbai Zoo. So, reaching there on a cab ride or city bus is easy.

Note: Locals often call Mumbai Zoo – Jijamata Udyan.

6. Stroll Around Juhu Beach

Stroll Around Juhu Beach

How about digging the authentic Pav Bhaaji and playing volleyball on the beach? Juhu Beach in Mumbai is amongst one of the famous beaches where celebrities come for morning walks. The beach faces the majestic Arabian Sea and is touted the longest beach. There are food stalls to gorge on the lip-smacking food. Plus, the sunsets here are Instagram-worthy.

Why should kids visit Juhu Beach?

It is because your toddler might get to see their favorite B-Town stars during the visit. Juhu Beach is also one of the best places in Mumbai to visit with kids in the summers. If your kids love sipping coconut water, take them to Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Who knows – you might meet your favorite actor or actress next to you!

  • A visit to Juhu Beach will give your child the much needed Vitamin SEA – that helps to trigger happy hormones.
  • Plus, if you want to remove the creative block from your child’s mind, visit Juhu beach and teach them to practice meditation.

Timings and days: Everyday – 24*7

Entry fees: Free of cost

Required time:2-3 hours

How to reach: One needs to drive 6 km (approx.) from Mumbai international airport to reach Juhu Beach.

7. Ride the Local Train

Mumbai Local Train

Mumbai and local trains have a connection over many decades. Known to be transporting an astonishing 8 million (approx.) passengers in a day, the local train of Mumbai is called the lifeline of locals. People who live in Mumbai find their city synonymous with local trains. Your trip to Mumbai will seriously not be considered complete until you won’t ride a local train in Mumbai. The journey will provide you with a glimpse of local people’s daily commute. A joyous ride on the local Mumbai train is amongst the best experiences in Mumbai. 

Why should kids ride the Mumbai local train?
  • Embarking on the local train ride in Mumbai would surely give your kids a unique experience. Anyone who has been to Mumbai for the first time recalls riding the local train as one of the best experiences of their lives. Take your kids on a train-hopping tour in Mumbai’s locale and a voyage across one point to another.
  • For a fun-frolic family holiday in Mumbai. A local train journey from one point to another will allow your kids, including you to travel cheaper from the initial destination to the final destination.

Ticket types: First class, and second class

Ticket price: INR 5 (approx.) – minimum fair

First-class ticket price: INR 50 (approx)

Second class ticket price: INR 65 (approx.)

Types of a local train in Mumbai: Slow local and fast local

Peak hours of Mumbai local train: 7 AM-11 AM, and 6 PM-1O PM (approx.)

Best time to ride Mumbai local train: 11 AM-4 PM (approx.)

Note: Go for a rechargeable smart card to obtain a ticket from the automatic vending machine and get rid of long queues.

Ready to plan a trip to Mumbai with kids? 

The city of Dreams: Mumbai is an amazing place to explore with kids. We hope you have got your answers above. These are just a few best things to see and do in Mumbai with kids. However, there are plenty of kid-friendly destinations in and around Mumbai. A few of which are hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala. No matter what kind of holiday you prefer with kids, Mumbai will serve all your purposes for a memorable vacation with kids.

If travelling was back to normal, when would you plan your Mumbai trip with kids?

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