Best Places for Camping near Delhi in April

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Sitting around a bonfire, gazing at the stars, munching on barbequed snacks while surroundings cheer up with the sounds of your laughter with near and dear ones. Sounds like a plan? If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi, then we have the best places for camping near Delhi in April. 

Camping with friends and friends is the perfect way to de-stress and take that much-needed break from your monotonous routine. And with April hanging around the corner, this list of camping sites near Delhi is exactly what you need to start your summer right!

10 Camping Places Near Delhi in April 

  • Camp Tikkling, Gurugram
  • Damdama Lake, Gurugram
  • Camping at Morni Hills, Haryana
  • Aspen Adventure Camp, Rishikesh
  • Wildex Camp Rishikesh
  • Mussoorie Camp Resort
  • Camp Carnival Kanatal
  • Camp Twilight
  • Nainital River Camp
  • Camping in Jim Corbett, Nainital

Camping in Haryana 

1. Camp Tikkling (10 km from Delhi)

Camp Tikkling (10 km from Delhi)

If you are looking for a place to spend time with your loved ones, then Camp Tickling in Gurugram is a great camping place near Delhi for families. This camp offers activities such as zorbing, paramotoring, paintball, and jumaring, which is great to boost your energy and keep your body moving. The pleasant weather in April adds to all this fun and makes your camping experience even better.

2. Damdama Lake (60 km from Delhi)

Damdama Lake (60 km from Delhi)

A much-known adventure camp near Delhi, Damdama Lake is a beautiful location to set up your tent and enjoy a nice bonfire under the stars. The whole idea of  ‘camping under the stars near Delhi’ will come to life at Damdama Lake. Hit the road and in just a few kilometers you’ll be experiencing the stunning beauty of nature. You can indulge in various activities at Damdama Lake camping in April like boating, rock climbing, commando net, spider net, and balance walk.

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3. Camping at Morni Hills (253.8 km from Delhi)

Camping at Morni Hills (253.8 km from Delhi)

For a perfect weekend getaway around Delhi, visit Morni Hills in Haryana. The campsite is located at Tikkar Tal Lake near Morni Hills, which offers the taste of both onsite camping and adventure activities. Bird watching, archery, trampoline, hurdles games, boating, village trek, and other games will keep you entertained and captivated. Spend the weekend near Delhi in April with friends and family and enjoy a comfortable stay in tents. Also, the Morni Hills camping location is surrounded by nature, which offers all nature lovers a great reason to visit here.

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Camping in Uttarakhand

4. Aspen Adventure Camp (265 km from Delhi)

Aspen Adventure Camp (265 km from Delhi)

Approximately 6 hours away from Delhi, Aspen Adventure Camp is a popular camping site in Rishikesh. Start your April with a visit to ‘Yoganagari’ and enjoy the cool breeze bursting your face while you gaze at the gushing waters of the Ganga River. You will be pampered with utmost luxury as the tents have attached bathrooms and provide you with the ultimate comfort of air-conditioned luxury cottages.

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5. Wildex Camp Rishikesh (257 km from Delhi)

Wildex Camp Rishikesh (257 km from Delhi)

For all the Delhites who are looking for a pleasant and peaceful camping experience, Wildex Camp in Rishikesh is the ideal choice for you. After a 30-minute trek, you will reach the camp, which offers a decent accommodation experience. Do not worry as the views and ambiance in April month here are all going to be worth it. For extra fun, play volleyball, badminton, do some yoga, and trekking.

6. Mussoorie Camp Resort (296.7 km from Delhi)

Mussoorie Camp Resort (296.7 km from Delhi)

Have you ever enjoyed camping with a touch of luxury? If not, head to Mussoorie Camp Resort in April. It is one of the best places for camping near Delhi in April. Be in the lap of nature while experiencing mountain views. Indulge in fun activities at the Mussoorie campsite including swimming. You will be treated with friendly-staff members who will make your stay even better. And who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi? They have that too!

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7. Camp Carnival Kanatal (317.5 km from Delhi)

Camp Carnival Kanatal (317.5 km from Delhi)

Set amidst the lofty mountains, Camp Carnival Kanatal is among the most charming campsites near Mussoorie. Located approximately 46 km from Mussoorie, this camp offers spectacular views and pleasant weather. Take your loved ones camping in Mussoorie in April and enjoy a bonfire, DJ, and a bunch of thrilling activities like valley crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, and Tarzan swing. Cricket, football, and volleyball are some other entertaining activities.

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8.  Camp Twilight (298.7 km from Delhi)

Camp Twilight (298.7 km from Delhi)

No doubt Nainital is a stunning place to visit in April, but the charm of camping in  Nainital doubles if you are a true nature lover. Camp Twilight is exactly an apt name. This camp allows you to soak in the natural beauty, witness tall peaks, gaze at the star-studded sky and hear the sweet sounds of streams. Apart from this, enjoy activities like forest and nature trek and rappelling, and enjoy outdoor activities.

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9. Nainital River Camp (397.5 km from Delhi)

Nainital River Camp (397.5 km from Delhi)

A 25 km drive away from the Lake District of Uttarakhand, Nainital River Camp is among the best campsites in Nainital. It not only lets you experience the raw nature but also allows you to witness fauna including deer, leopard, python, and wild boar. Enjoy a comfortable stay at this Nainital camp and enjoy the birds chirping, butterflies fluttering, and fishes swimming. Indulge in adventurous activities like rappelling and river crossing.

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10. Camping in Jim Corbett (240.4 km from Delhi)

Camping in Jim Corbett (240.4 km from Delhi)

Among the best places for camping near Delhi, Jim Corbett takes you closer to Mother Nature. It allows the people of Delhi to get away from their daily routine and soak in the tranquility and witness rich fauna. The eco-friendly accommodation at Jim Corbett is a great thing for people practicing sustainable travel. So, why wait longer? Visit Jim Corbett from Delhi and have a gala time with your loved ones.

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All the adventurer Delhites, it is time for you to take action! For all the adventurous souls, camping in April is truly and definitely a thrilling experience to have. Camping is the best recreational activity that lets your soul soak in the abundant natural beauty and enjoy various adventurous activities. Lit a bonfire, groove to some good old Hindi songs, and lay under the stars. With these best camping places near Delhi in April, there is never a dull sight!

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