Hyderabad Travel Guide – What To See & Do In Hyderabad

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The old world charm, towering minarets and bustling streets of Hyderabad make it a unique blend of the by-gone era and the modern. The ‘City of the Nawabs’ as it is called has managed to hold on to its enriched history and at the same time kept pace with the commercialized economy. As tourists passing through the crowd filled lanes of this city, one would find the view steadily changing from old mosques, colorful bazaars to swanky offices. This Hyderabad travel guide takes you through the interesting contrasts and shades of this kaleidoscopic city.

Exploring a place that has so much to offer can get overwhelming but with a little preparation, you can get the best of both worlds at Hyderabad. While places like Charminar, Golkonda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace. Qutb Shahi Tombs are bound to make their way into your itinerary; the modern side to this city is worth a visit too. Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills are two such places that are a glitzy representation of the glamorous side to Hyderabad. This Hyderabad travel guide makes it easier for you to traverse through the many lanes of this city and not miss out on anything.

Arriving In Hyderabad

By Air  – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located Shamshabad and well connected to all major cities and countries. It is also the hub of many important airlines which makes it easier to get cheap flights to Hyderabad if you book well in advance on Nanak flights.

By Train – The Hyderabad Deccan railway station better known as Nampally railway station is connected to many important cities and places in the country. The station is situated in a locality of Hyderabad called Nampally in Telangana.

By Road – Telangana State Road Transport connects Hyderabad to nearby states such as Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc.

Things To See And Do

Compiling a list of places that can be visited during your Hyderabad visit will simply be endless. There is after all so much to see and witness in this vivacious city. In this Hyderabad travel guide we focus on some of the choicest few that you can’t afford to miss out.

Golconda Fort  – This place is an important landmark of Hyderabad and is a symbol of the glorious past that this place witnessed. This brilliant fortress was built during the reign of Kaktiya dynasty on a granite hill. A place that once formed an important line of defense for might warriors and emperors is now a favorite of tourists and history buffs

Charminar – Any Hyderabad travel guide is incomplete without a mention to this place which is synonymous with the city itself. Charminar is a stunning minaret standing on the banks of the Musi River and showcasing Islamic architecture at its finest. You can spend a long time admiring its well-crafted tower, gateways and domes. Though, there is a lot more to what you can you can try out here which includes shopping at the Laad Bazaar and also munching on some local delicacies that you will find around the place. This landmark also gives you a peek into the everyday bustling life at Hyderabad city.

Chowmahalla Palace – You surely cannot leave out a visit to this magnificent palace which was once home to the Nizams. This glittering building was long back the seat to Asaf Jahi dynasty and even after several years, it has not lost its beauty and luster. Just stepping inside this place will make you feel like a loyalty. The unique style and elegance that the Chowmahalla Palace possesses will leave you in awe and wonderment.

Makkah Masjid – Not only does this mosque stand out because of its glorious architecture but it also has a sacred importance. The foundation of Makkah Masjid was laid by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah who had brought the soil from the holiest Islamic shrine Mecca. Till date, it is not just admired for its outer beauty but is also held sacred for its religious importance.

Salar Jung Museum – Another very interesting place on our Hyderabad travel guide is the third largest museum in India. If you wish to see the entire history of this ‘City of the Nawabs’, under one roof then this is the place to be. Antique lovers will be mesmerized by the unique collection they will find here. There is always new and interesting stuff coming here from European, Asian and other countries which further adds to its appeal.

Birla Mandir – Hyderabad is an amalgamation of religions and the finest example of it is the variety in terms of architecture. Among the various Islamic structures, stands this striking monument which is made on Utkala, Dravidian and Rajasthani designs. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is surely worth a visit.

Jagannath Temple – Another marvelous piece of architecture with deep esoteric importance is the Jagannath Temple. You can admire its beauty and soak yourself in its sacred ambiance during your visit here. This temple is similar to the one in Puri and pulls in a lot of tourists.

Mount Opera Theme Park – The water amusement park in Hyderabad is completely removed from the ancient and the esoteric but is still part of the melting pot that the city is. You can plan a fun day with unlimited water activities here.

Where And What To Eat

A special feature of every Hyderabad travel guide has to be food. After all, this city is famous for its cuisines and is a paradise for all food lovers. Be it the famously flavoured Hyderabad biryani or scintillating spicy mutton, you can never get enough of yummy dishes here.

Sarvi Restaurant – If you have biryani on your mind then this is the place that you should be heading to. The settings here are comfortable and you get to taste authentic and delicious Mughlai and north-Indian food.

Nizam Club – The oldest club in Hyderabad serves kebabs that are mouth melting. Apart from this, you can also try out the mutton biryani which is too good to miss out.

Alpha – If you want a taste of authentic food like Kheema Rot and typical Hyderabadi Khichdi then head over to this local shack which serves a range of food items that will whet your appetite.

Mandil – From Kashmiri naan to malai koft, this place serves everything in their aesthetic and classy food joint which has sparks of the old world in its decor.

Cafe Bahar – This place has made its mark serving deliciously flavored mutton and chicken. If you are a foodie then a visit to this place for their drool-worthy kebabs, biryani and bheja fry is a must.

Where To Stay

You can choose among a good number of high-end hotels to make your stay in Hyderabad absolutely comfortable.

Trident – This luxury hotel offers the finest services and a great view of the city.
Average Tariff: Rs. 8,260

Vivanta Begumpet – Another place that is a reflection of finesse and class is the Vivanta . Your stay here can add to the charm of this trip.
Average Tariff: Rs. 7,080

Hyatt Hyderabad – Apart from their superb services, this hotel is the perfect blend of convenience and class as it is in the heart of the city.
Average Tariff: Rs. 7,750

This Hyderabad travel guide is a sneak peek into the magic that this city holds. From the towering skyscrapers to the age-old monuments and from the sacred shrines to the bustling bazaars, this place is forever thriving.

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