Kibber: The Village of the Snow Leopard

Kibber - the highest polling station in India

It is one of the highest villages in the world. It was once the highest polling station in India, before losing the numero uno position to Tashigang. It is one of the highest motorable villages in the world. Spiti valley’s Kibber holds many such accolades, but the one that makes it really special is the fact that it home to the endangered snow leopard.

Located in the high Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 14, 200 feet, Kibber is primarily an agrarian village. The famous Ki monastery of Spiti valley is located just a few kilometers away and the high altitude villages of Tashigang, Langza, Komic and Hikkim are located close by. Kaza, the main city in the region is located about 20 kms away.

To a first timer, Kibber is special for its Tibetan style stone and brick houses, its high altitude landscapes, its pretty little meadows that come to life during the summer months and the star studded night sky.  But, if you look closer, you will see the wild riches of Kibber. Surrounding the village is the Kibber wildlife sanctuary that is home to high altitude animals such as the Ibex, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Wolf, Tibetan Wild Ass and the elusive snow leopard. Kibber wildlife sanctuary is one of India’s few wildlife sanctuaries that is located in a cold desert. This terrain is not only amicable to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, but also to trekkers and mountaineers.

If you like remote high altitude villages with pure air, simple homestays, simple food and are into star-gazing, wildlife sighting and trekking, then Kibber village is for you. Like Langza, Kibber is also home to many marine fossils. Overall, Kibber offers a solid package to its visitors. I cannot stop raving enough about its beauty.

Other nearby tourist attractions:

1) Langza: The Himalayan village that is known for fossils of marine animals

2) Dhankar: Prettiest village of Spiti

3) Komic: One of the world’s highest villages with road connectivity

4) Pin valley national park: Heaven for trekkers and nature lovers

5) Chandra Taal Lake: A magical family camping destination in the Himalayas

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