Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

There is a bit of everything you can do while taking a leisure holiday in Europe. This is one destination that can leave you mesmerized, awe-inspired, and asking for more. From museums, galleries to nightclubs, Europe has plenty of places to pamper the traveler in you. Sunbath in the morning, followed by a leisurely walk around architectural marvel and finally ending the day at hip-happening discotheque; Europe is this and a lot more.

A Fortnight Is All You Need

Europe is a land of unimaginable land attraction. Spend time in sun-kissed beaches to bounty full of grasslands or get high on nightlife – Europe is made to spoil you. Book a Europe Tour package today to witness heaven on earth. Places like Athens, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Belgium to Poland, Portugal, Greece, and many more wait to be traveled, explored, and most importantly lived.

You don’t have the opportunity to travel at any time of the year and you want your holidays to be perfect, unforgettable, paradisiacal… You just want to rest under the sun and discover new landscapes.

Friends, You want blue sky and turquoise sea, fine sand, fishing villages, an incredible fauna and flora, and a perfect quality of life?

We have selected for you the most paradisiacal destinations in Europe.

Plan your trip to what is « best in the Europe » and book your hotel, guesthouse, villa, youth hostel, B&B at the best price guaranteed and your favourite activities in these dream destinations. Forget about all your worries and recharge your batteries in Europe.

The Madeira Islands are a jewel of tourism industry in Europe. This destination is perfect for those who want to relax, do shopping, walk in the Levada. go hiking and experience great adventures such as dolphin or whale watching.

Want to spend an idyllic holiday?

We advise you The Vine Hotel with its superb rooftop pool. If you are looking for experiences close to nature we also recommend the Quinta do Furão Hotel facing the sea.

They will make you discover the Madeira Islands in a different way. Book your favorite activities and tours in the Madeira Islands for a dream holiday.

Here are some fabulous destinations for leisure holiday in Europe that should be on your must-visit places while on a trip to this fabulous continent.

1. Athens

Leisure Holiday In Europe

Your Europe tour package can’t miss Athens, a must include. Call it the birthplace of democracy – Athens is a beautiful mesh of past and present. Touted as one of the oldest cities in the world, this Greek capital city has over 3,500 years of the historical record.

On a visit to Athens visit the iconic Acropolis, a place laden with monuments made from white Pentelic marble. It’s a sight to see these architectural marvels gleam during the day with sunshine and in the night transformed into an illuminated work of art.

It was in 1987 that Acropolis became a World Heritage site. A visit to the Acropolis Museum is a must where you will get to see original sculptures that have been moved from the site in order to preserve historical evidence.

Corfu lies near the border with Albania. It is a beautiful island of about 600 square kilometers where beautiful orchids bloom in spring. There are many olive trees there too; The bougainvillea and the white rose are emblematic on the island.

Come discover this paradisiacal destination and book your hotel, villa, apartment, or B&B in Corfu at the best price guaranteed as well as your favorite activities such as a wine tasting excursion or a visit to the Mouse Island.

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

Symi Island is a Greek island located near Rhodes It is close to the Turkish coast. The Island is mountainous ; it also has beautiful hidden and quiet beaches. Book your accommodation on Symi Island or in Rhodes and book your favourite activities too such as a boat trip or a private guided tour of Rhodes.

Asos is a very charming and romantic Greek village situated on the island of Kefalonia. One of the main attractions, aside from the blue sea, beaches and sunbathing, is the Asos Castle, one of the very few castles in Greece.

Come relax in this dream spot and book your Asos accommodation at the best price guaranteed.

2. Sweden

Leisure Holiday In Europe

Stockholm prides itself as the ‘beauty on water’ with over 14 islands we bet this place is a paradise for water babies. Hailed as one of the best historic hubs and one of the most sought destinations for a leisure holiday in Europe, this place wonderfully preserves its historical past and very modern and evolving places to visit.

As a traveler, you can walk through beautiful cobblestone streets, visit serene cathedrals, and regal at the history at impressive palaces. The best time to visit Stockholm is during summer when skies are bluer than ever.

If you happen to be a foodie then this place will spoil you rotten – devour wood-fired pizza, truffle cheeseburgers to fired herrings. Relish the traditional Swedish cuisine made to perfection.

3. Copenhagen

Leisure Holiday In Europe

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is touted as the friendliest city in the world. It is a city that can charm you all the way with its beauty, hospitality, and amazing architecture. To explore this wonderful place, rent a bicycle to ride your way to various squares and canals. Do not miss out on visiting the Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that is over 170 years old.

Spend a night out check out bars and cafes for a quick chat with locals or your friends.

4. Portugal

Leisure Holiday In Europe

For those with a tight budget, Portugal is your destination for one of the stops for Europe tour packages. It is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. The most defining place is the Alentejo Coast – a place with amazing beaches where you can surf, go wild and wacky. This area is less populated and ideal for those who are looking to get away from commercial chaos.

As an explorer you can find your way through rugged coastline or simply meander through hills – you pick and choose. Head to Alfama to live the rustic village life, view the sunrise in Bairro Alto, and then complete the tour by paying a visit to Belém Tower – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Portugal is an incredible sunny country with an unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes especially in the Azores ; the people there are also very friendly. Those landscapes are ranked among the most beautiful ones in Europe.

Come enjoy a moment of discovery or relaxation in the Azores and book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed as well as your favorite activities such as a visit to the Lagoa do Fogo or a Safari tour in Ponta Delgada.

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

The Algarve is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal and one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe for a perfect holiday. The Algarve has Europe’s most beautiful beaches, and it is also one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in Europe.

It is also one of the sunniest destinations in Europe in winter. You will fall in love with its golden beaches, its magnificent hotels, its preserved nature, its breathtaking landscapes.

Book your accommodation in the Algarve at the best price and treat yourself to unforgettable experiences such as a boat tour of the Benagil Caves, a 2-hour dolphin watching tour, or a Jeep Safari of the Algarve.

5. Ukraine

Leisure Holiday In Europe

Nestled in Eastern Europe, Lviv in Ukraine is an enchanting yet mysterious city to visit while taking a leisure holiday in Europe. The highlight of this destination is the coffeehouse culture that is deeply rooted in its historic past.

Marvel at the Lviv History Museum as well as the National Museum. For those who love to drink Lvivske Museum of Beer & Brewing – one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine is a place to enjoy freshly brewed beer.

6. Italy

Leisure Holiday In Europe

It is a land of romance, beauty, and art. Art lovers, musicians, and food lovers, Italy is here to mesmerize you. The charming and beautiful city of Florence will sweep you off your feet. At very first glance you will fall in love with its cobblestone streets at Ponte Vecchio. There are many churches to leave you spellbound.

Places you cannot miss in Italy include, Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi, and Duomo to the amazing view from Piazzale Michelangelo. And don’t forget to sample the Italian pizza and various Italian delicacies while wandering through the streets in Italy.

Capri is not only a playground for rich and famous people, it is also one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Jackie Kennedy and Sofia Loren used to go to Capri to enjoy its unspoiled nature and its blue waters.

Come discover Capri during your stay in Sorrento or Naples and enjoy a cruise on this beautiful island or book your hotel in Capri. We advise one of the most beautiful hotels « Hotel Punta Tragara », a five-star hotel with exceptional views.

Italy is definitely travelers from all over the world’s favorite destination. It enjoys the most beautiful scenery in Europe and the best-hidden gems such as Positano on the Almalfi coast.

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

Friends, It is said that Neptune, in love, created Positano to please his beloved. You will also be seduced by the natural setting and the incredible beauty of Positano.

Book your hotel, guesthouse, villa, or apartment at the best price in Positano and treat yourself to the best activities and tours on the Amalfi Coast.

Say “Italy” and people start dreaming of a holiday. Procida is a pretty fishing village located on a small island facing Naples, in the south of Italy.

Feel free to book your accommodation in advance at the best price in Procida, it is a small piece of paradise with only a few hotels available. Take the opportunity to discover the region and visit the best of Naples and Pompeii.

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations 2021


7. Denmark

The Faroe Islands are situated in the north of Scotland between Iceland and Norway; They are a paradise for nature lovers. You think that an archipelago in northern Scotland is cold and wet…You are wrong!

It never freezes in the Faroe Islands thanks to the Gulf Stream. Enjoy this paradise by booking your accommodation at the best price guaranteed.

8. Norway

The archipelago of the Lofoten islands in Norway is a paradise destination for lovers of nature and wide-open spaces. It is ranked among the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.


These islands, the name of which comes from their “lynx-foot” form, are located in northern Norway, on the borders of Europe.

Come enjoy a peaceful holiday away from the big noisy cities by booking your accommodation in the Lofoten Islands for example in a typical and traditional fisherman’s house.

Leisure Holiday In Europe – Unwind & Relax At These Destinations

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