A romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day 2021

A romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day 2021

A romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day 2021

Time to reflect on a romantic journey, so unforgettably celebrate Valentine’s Day. In order to save time and money, to relax better in the aisles of Ukraine. How to make Valentine’s Day away from the usual situation sorted out Ricardo.com.ua.

Go away, but close!

Mark the holiday without leaving home, you can for 100-500 dollars. The cost depends on the location you have chosen for the town. Alternatively, you can stay near Kyiv, for example, in the nearby spa, offering a “holiday weekend”.

This service includes accommodation in a double room, meals, and a pyatirazovoe list of medical procedures (if desired). At the resort, you can swim in the pool, visit the massages, walk in the park paths. And just to spend time with your half to one.

Sanatorium Vorzel offers a holiday weekend but will have to negotiate directly with the chief physician. The cost of living per person will cost 180 hryvnias per day (Vorzel, Lenin str. 1, (04497) 463-81).

Health Rehabilitation Centre Vorzel (st. Dzerzhinsky, 5, (04497) 465-78, (04497) 461-50), also invited guests for the weekend. However, it is necessary to try to catch the employee center, and agree with him about the room.

Santorini holiday suitable for those seeking a calm environment for a relatively small fee.

What should we arrange a tour!

Combine a romantic trip with visiting historical sights can be rummaged in the proposals of travel companies.
Most travel agencies offer travel in Kamenetz-Podolsk. The program of this tour including excursions to the castles of the city, also (14 February) February 14 in one of the restaurants.

The price of the four national holidays will range from 80-200 dollars. A five-star Rixos Hotel Prikarpatye offers a special package “Valentines Day” worth Kamenets-Podolsky -900 hryvnia for two, which includes only accommodation in a standard double room. Gala dinner and show program in the evening on Feb. 14 will cost an additional 500 hryvnia for two.

Tour operator offers Ancortour loving couples to tour Kamenetz-Podolsk-Hawtin. Price, which starts with 425 hryvnias per person. Also, organizers promise to give each pair, unforgettable gift.

Ukrainians, especially Kyiv, always pulls in Lviv, where the doors are opened dozens of museums, bruschatkanaveivaet historical novels, and old French yards are invited to walk.

Travel agencies have not missed a chance to please tour “Saint Valentine’s Day in Lviv, the cost of which will cost 150-1500 hryvnia. The price usually includes travel, tours, accommodation, meals, and romantic dinner (extra charge). Retrieved from “Ukrturizm offers tours of 190 hryvnias per person for one day, but for 745 hryvnias can go to the former capital of Ukraine for two days.

On Valentine’s Day is still possible to go, for example, to Transcarpathia, ski, enjoy the scenery, and sit in kolyba. We’ll get a trip to 700-900 hryvnia per person. You can go to Bukovel, the price includes accommodation, breakfast, and a holiday program.

‘Ukrturizm offers to go to Mukachevo in a two-day tour called “Castle namisto”, “Zakarpattya for Zakohanih that Cohanim, two days will have to pay 570 hryvnias per person. In Ivano-Frankivsk can attend during the ceremony “Gutsulskeвесілля. The organizers offer lovers route: Carpathians / Ivano-Frankivsk region. / Verkhovyna. This two-day trip will cost 885 hryvnias per person.

So choose what you are more attractive prices for tours of Ukrainian cities do not differ significantly.

A romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

In his everlasting hit, Australian pop musician John Paul Young sings that “love is in the air, everywhere I look around.” Kyiv is no exception, especially as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches.

Fortunately, the capital features many options to enjoy the most romantic holiday of the year, including music shows, art performances, restaurants, and parties.

A romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine's Day

The Kyiv Post has picked out some of the best, so make sure to plan ahead for Cupid’s holiday.

  1. Music shows
  2. Jazz and art

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to enjoy live music.

For lovers of old standards, Ukrainian composer and pianist Pavlo Ihnatev and singer-actress Katiko Purtseladze will perform the most romantic songs from legendary musicians like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong on Feb. 14.

The show, called “Musical stories of love” will take place at the Architect’s House in Kyiv starting at 7 p. m.

Apart from the music, visitors can also enjoy the “ebru” painting performance, in which a Ukrainian artist will use the technique to paint love-themed pictures.

Architect’s House (9 Borysa Hrynchenko St.) 7 p. m. Hr 285–500. Book tickets at https://kiev.internet-bilet.ua/uk/musical-stories-of-love

Jazz and cocktails

Sipping a savory cocktail and dancing to melodic jazz sounds like a proper romantic date. Add a mesmerizing view of Kyiv, and all the ingredients are there to enjoy the most perfect Valentine’s Day.

This year, Svitlo Concert invites French musicians Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra to hit the stage at Kyiv’s Parkovyi Congress and Exhibition Center with their new wave jazz songs.

Apart from the French acts, local funk-jazz band Smooth Operation will perform popular world hits in jazz arrangements.

The event will start at 7 p. m., and the entrance is Hr 225, drinks and snacks not included. Also, mind that tickets should be booked in advance.

Parkovyi Congress and Exhibition Center (6 Parkova Rd.) 7 p. m. Hr 225. Book tickets at +38044  222 0022

Jazz and wine

Coffee Jazz Bar is a small but cozy bar in Kyiv’s historic Podil neighborhood. This year, the bar welcomes all to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day to the fullest in its atmospheric halls.

Everything at this bar is about jazz, and Valentine’s Day party is no exception. On Feb. 14, the venue invites local musicians to perform jazz and blues hits for guests to enjoy over wines for all tastes and budgets.

On its menu, Coffee Jazz Bar also has different types of coffees, snacks, and desserts, all for reasonable prices.

Coffee Jazz Bar (15 Nyzhniy Val St.) 8 p. m. Hr 350. Book tickets at +38066  547 0397

Fall in love with Kyiv’s landmarks

Kyiv’s landmarks are ideal for hopeless romantics. When you are in Kyiv, it’s impossible to just sit around in your hotel room..even if you did come for Valentine’s Dayweekend. With just one day, you’ll fall in love with the cultural richness of the Ukrainian capital.

City tours will help you to discover the beauty of the city with a combination of ancient sights from the 11-17th century, modern architecture and beautiful nature.

The route of the excursions pass through the central streets and squares, including the main historical districts of Kyiv: Old Town and Podil.

The most famous landmark in Kyiv is St. Sophia Cathedral, included to the UNESCO World Heritage List for fascinating 11th century mosaics and frescoes.

Then we’ve got the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the largest monastery complex in the history of Kyiv Rus, founded in the 11th century, also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Red building of the University, which is the main educational institution of Ukraine, built in the 19th cent; Andrew’s Church, the only church without bells.

According to folklore, they say once you hear the sound of bells, water will wake up in the hill where the church stays and flood the city!

Valentine's Day

Also check out the Golden Gate, the main entrance to the city and a part of the fortification system of the 11th century. Finally, go to the Michael Golden-Domed Cathedral, one of the most picturesque, hospitable Christian monasteries of Kyiv.

There’s no shortage of beautiful places in Kyiv, and if you’re interested in photography, you’ll want to visit each and every one of these monuments.

They’re quite Instagrammable indeed, but don’t forget to live the moment and give your smartphone a break. Is Valentine’s Day after all!

What Do People Do?

Valentine’s Day is viewed as a romantic day for many people. Some people take their partners out for a special Valentine’s Day meal. It is also common practice to buy flowers, chocolates, cards, jewelry, and other gifts to express feelings of affection.

Public Life

Valentine’s Day is an observance and not an official public holiday in Ukraine. It is a busy time for many shops that sell flowers, chocolates and other Valentine’s Day related products. Some restaurants are fully booked on this day.


Valentine’s Day can be traced back to a story of St Valentine, a Roman priest who was martyred on or around February 14 in the year 270 CE. How he became the patron saint of lovers remains a mystery but one theory is that the church used the day of St Valentine’s martyrdom to Christianize the old Roman Lupercalia, a pagan festival held around the middle of February. It is believed that part of a relic belonging to St Valentine was in Ukraine during the 1900s and is now kept in a church in Sambir, western Ukraine.


Hearts, cupids’ arrows, and flowers – which symbolize love and romance – are often displayed in shops and public places during Valentine’s Day in Ukraine.

A Day for Couples that Love Exploring

Take a romantic walk through Kyiv’s streets and you’ll find some delightful spots along the way. For example, a wall where you can write whatever you want (but most likely it will be those three magic words, right?) This wall is on Yaroslaviv Val Street, in the very center of the city, where the first of Kyiv’s Radisson Blu Hotels is located (the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre).

The second one, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil City Centre, is situated in a historical part of the city, not far from the banks of the biggest and the most beautiful Ukrainian river – Dnipro.

These central hotels offer beautiful rooms, transfer between the hotel and Kyiv airport, Super Breakfast for two, a 2.5-hour city car tour, and, most importantly a romantic atmosphere in beautiful Kyiv.

Valentine's Day

About Valentine’s Day in Other Countries

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