Srinagar Lakes Photo Essay

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I am obsessed with Srinagar lakes. Dal Lake coupled with Nigeen is my favourite photo subject. Although, most irresistible for their mirror-like reflections, I love the humans of the lakes too and they are some of the most photogenic people I have ever seen. A bunch of boisterous schoolchildren rowing home from school, veiled college girls commuting silently on shikaras, families of fishermen, vegetable sellers, souvenir hawkers, lotus collectors’ boats heaped with lily pads; they have all struck some really mind-blowing images and their surroundings have added to the beauty. The lofty Zabarwan hills, changing colours of bordering rows of chinars and willows, floating castles of clouds, tree-shaded labyrinthine waterways, and vast lotus/pamposh forests have contained these water people in the magical photo moments and even the infamous Dal Lake weeds which had grown like emerald vines beneath the surface, had risen up to meet the sunlight in a most photogenic way. Needless to say, some of my most breathtaking travel moments have been spent capturing these molten colours and this post is dedicated to life on the Srinagar lakes, as flaunted on Instagram.

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Char Chinar

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The splendid Char Chinar, one of the most beautiful Srinagar lakes sights

Dal Lake thoughts

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This sight had been unforgettable

A golden Dal

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A local woman rowing her shikara in front of a houseboat

Pamposh or lotus is a local passion. The roots of nandru are used in many Kashmiri delicacies.

Zabarwan mountains looming over the row of houseboats on Dal Lake

A liquid sunset

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A small watery bylane lit up by the setting sun

Boat park

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Bonus photos of life on the lakes of Srinagar

#Srinagar #Dallake #Kashmirtourism

Twilight settles over Hari Parbat and Dal Lake

#Srinagar #Dallake #Kashmirtourism

A Kashmiri couple fishing at Dal Lake

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