The Best Winter Foods in India to Keep You Warm This Season!

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Indian festivals and occasions are known to unite all Indians all year round. Food is no different! With the winter season approaching soon, it’s time to prep-up and indulge ourselves in the warm, yet toothsome delicacies for the cold season. Worried about calories? Get rid of these thoughts and jump into the deliciousness of these winter foods in India.

From spicy Sarson ka saag of Punjab to sweet Thoran of Kerala, here you will find the best Indian foods for cold weather.

The Goodness of Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

Famous dish from: Punjab

If you have never heard about Gajar ka Halwa, then you are probably living under a rock. For a few who do not know, it is a dessert made in almost every household in winters. It is specially made during this time due to the availability of the best seasonal carrots. This delicacy is loaded with sugar and immersed in ghee. Also, the added dry fruits enhance the flavor of the halwa. Just the sight of this hot-served halwa will make you salivate!

Savoury Thukpa

Savoury Thukpa

Famous dish from: Arunachal Pradesh

You may have heard Thukpa at least once in our life. Maybe your friends, cousins, or even colleagues have mentioned it. A famous Indo-Tibetan noodle soup, Thukpa is a flavorful broth with sauteed veggies, mutton, or chicken. Its versatility and flavor make it one of the best Indian foods of the winter season. It is served in several varieties – the Nepalese Thukpa is quite spicy whereas some make it subtle with a hint of garam masala. This noodle soup sits perfectly in your mouth and serves as an appetizing bowl of comfort in winters.

Mother’s Special Sarson ka Saag

Savoury Thukpa arunachal pradesh

Famous dish from: Punjab

Another winter-special, Sarson ka Saag is a traditional dish in India. It is prepared with green sarson leaves and served hot with Makke ki roti. Sarson ka Saag tastes best with a dollop of white butter on top that adds to its deliciousness. So, do not worry about the calories as it is packed with nutrition. Mothers love to prepare Sarson ka Saag with their love, which you can’t say no to.

Healthy Undhiyu

Healthy Undhiyu

Famous dish from: Gujarat

Most of the best winter delicacies across India are traditionally rich but this delicacy is different. It is not only flavorful but healthy as well. Gujju’s make this with mixed vegetables, fenugreek, and load it with ghee and spices. This dish takes a lot of time to make but the results are worth every effort that goes into making this winter food.

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The Sweetness of Nolen Gur Sandesh

Sweetness of Nolen Gur Sandesh

Famous dish from: West Bengal

A staple winter sweet ingredient, Date Palm Jaggery or Nolen Gur is a bliss for sweet-lovers. It is often consumed in small portions at the end of the meal. This food item is a popular dessert across India, and is found especially in winters. Also, the mouth melting Nolen Gur Sandesh with delicious Rabri or Rasmalai is irresistible for all sweet-toothed people.

Sweet and Spicy Thoran

Sweet and Spicy Thoran

Famous dish from: Kerala

Who doesn’t like South Indian food? Beetroot Thoran is one such specialty of coastal India. Thoran is cooked with chilies and turmeric, and the beetroot is stir-fried together with spices to complete the dish. Packed with nutrition and yumminess, this is best eaten with rice. Its perfect blend of sweet and spicy is exactly the remedy you need for the chills!

The Drool-worthy Rogan Josh

Drool-worthy Rogan Josh

Famous Dish from: Kashmir

Kashmiris love their mutton curries and Rogan Josh is definitely the dish you need to try this winter. This aromatic lamb dish is prepared with a generous amount of lip-smacking Kashmiri spices. It is the perfect winter food that keeps you warm from the inside and makes your mouth water every time you have it. To fully relish Rogan Josh, serve it hot with jeera rice or roti.

The Famous Trio of Dal Baati Churma

Trio of Dal Baati Churma

Famous Dish From: Rajasthan

A quintessential Rajasthani dish, this three-in-one treat is known for its simplicity as for its scrumptious taste. It is prepared with the spicy dal and sweet churma along with deep-fried crunchy batis, dipped in ghee. The baati is usually served with hot daal with pure ghee and gatte ki sabzi. Savor the goodness of this Indian winter food in any Rajasthani restaurant.

Lip-smacking Spicy Nihari

Lip-smacking Spicy Nihari

Famous Dish from: Uttar Pradesh

Nihari is a spicy winter food cooked with beef, chicken or mutton, which is often consumed for breakfast. This spicy winter food takes all night to cook until the meat turns soft. People served this hot with puris, which swiftly melts in the mouth. Nihari takes hours to prepare, and is simply, tempting and irresistible on a crisp winter morning.

The Essence of Bihu with Til Pitha

Bihu with Til Pitha Assam

Famous Dish from: Assam

Often served as an afternoon snack with a hot cup of tea, Til Pitha is cooking during the celebrations of Magh Bihu in January. The process of cooking these sesame pancakes with jaggery needs experience as it is very delicate. But its burst of flavors in your mouth is something you can’t resist.

Treat yourself with these mouth-watering winter delicacies and make your wintertime extra special. Waste no time to bundle up into the coziness of fresh and tempting flavors from different states of India. If you are from any of the states, do not forget to try these traditional Indian foods. Let the taste of these winter-special dishes melt in your mouth and make you feel warm while enhancing the flavor of this cold weather. Are you drooling?

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